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Andrew Leek "Eternity Beckons"

In 1990 the former Dexys Midnight Runners keyboard player recorded his self-penned album under the auspices of the legendary George Martin. It was the first debut album he'd overseen since The Beatles' Please Please Me, prompting Martin to call Leek one of the most talented artists he'd ever produced.

It sold over a quarter of million copies internationally, but almost 12 years later, despite moderate success in Europe, Leek remains criminally unknown in the UK other than for his covers 'party' band .

It keeps him in demand for nightclub work, but it's hardly soul fulfilling. A self-produced second album, Sacrifice and Bliss, barely surfaced last year but did nothing to alter his self-described status as 'the greatest undiscovered talent in pop.' That's not arrogance. It's pretty much fact.

It would be nice to think that, amid a flood of identikit tv-spawned wannabes and an endless stream of either sensitive young men or brash teens with guitars, that this third album (an 'evolving' concept available to order via his web site might do a David Gray and bring Leek's classic pop to the millions it warrants. Next page >>